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Capless Wooden Fountain Pen Medium Line

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The Pilot Capless Wooden is a perfect combination of luxury and technology.

The Pilot Capless Wooden features an exclusive finish made from resin-impregnated toughened material derived from birch wood. With no cap, the 18 carat rhodium plated gold nib retracts with a simple click. The first retractable fountain pen, the Capless, spent 6 years in development before its launch in 1963. The upper barrel of this precision instrument alone is made up of 18 components. Winner of the Japanese award for high technology in 1965, this legendary pen has gone on to conquer the world. One click deploys the nib; a second click retracts the nib, providing perfect leak-tightness, even without a cap. The ink never dries up, and the Capless is always ready for use. This is a product of unprecedented appeal and practicality. Includes 1 pen with convector, 1 gift box, 1 black ink cartridge.